Welcome Baby Malia

Here it is, my first "photo-shoot-blog" post on my -not so new- website! I've been wanting to start this section for months, years actually... Well before the birth of this latest version of priskaphoto.com. I'm not sure why this task has never made it to the top of my priority list but I'm not going to wonder too much; I may never get to posting photos! 

Recently, I decided to explore a new segment of the Photography business: newborns! I've been taking pictures of kids and babies for years and just love interacting and let's keep it real, playing with them. But newborns are a totally different beast (haha!). My own babies are not babies anymore and although they are at a great age, I do miss cradling a tiny little one in my arms and smell their newborn baby aroma... Ahh, I wish they bottled that smell! So I basically had 2 options: have more of my own, feed them, raise them, pay for college... Or borrow someone else's!  I opted for option 2 :-)

So what better way to start this new "blog" section than with a newborn?! These  pictures are part of my first "official" newborn photo shoot. Meet baby Malia, my friends Ronny and Katie's first born. I met Malia at the hospital the day she was born (we almost share birthdays!) and these photos were taken a few days later, as she was just short of 2 weeks young. She was a very curious little one looking and moving around rather than sleeping away like a 2 week old should! Do I need to add that she smells heavenly?!