Welcome Baby Malia

Here it is, my first "photo-shoot-blog" post on my -not so new- website! I've been wanting to start this section for months, years actually... Well before the birth of this latest version of priskaphoto.com. I'm not sure why this task has never made it to the top of my priority list but I'm not going to wonder too much; I may never get to posting photos! 

Recently, I decided to explore a new segment of the Photography business: newborns! I've been taking pictures of kids and babies for years and just love interacting and let's keep it real, playing with them. But newborns are a totally different beast (haha!). My own babies are not babies anymore and although they are at a great age, I do miss cradling a tiny little one in my arms and smell their newborn baby aroma... Ahh, I wish they bottled that smell! So I basically had 2 options: have more of my own, feed them, raise them, pay for college... Or borrow someone else's!  I opted for option 2 :-)

So what better way to start this new "blog" section than with a newborn?! These  pictures are part of my first "official" newborn photo shoot. Meet baby Malia, my friends Ronny and Katie's first born. I met Malia at the hospital the day she was born (we almost share birthdays!) and these photos were taken a few days later, as she was just short of 2 weeks young. She was a very curious little one looking and moving around rather than sleeping away like a 2 week old should! Do I need to add that she smells heavenly?! 

Walking on water

OK, it's frozen so you don't have to be divine to do it but it's still pretty cool! Usually when we get to Québec for the Holidays, the rivers are just starting to freeze. Therefore we wait until near the end of our trip to get on them. Not this year! The rivière Batiscan was already frozen solid when we arrived. So we got to takes walks, slide, skate and play on the river for 2 weeks :-) It's just one of the things that makes winter magical!


Bientôt le Québec!

Difficile de croire que la fin de 2013 est à nos portes... Quelle année ce fût! Avec toutes nos petites et grandes aventures, nous avions prévu passer Noël bien tranquilles chez nous, au soleil californien. Et vint un coup de tête en fin de soirée suivi de 4 billets d'avion achetés! Et oui, pour le Québec encore une fois :-) C'est pas compliqué, c'est là que ça se passe les Fêtes pour nous.

Alors si vous êtes un peu procrastinateur comme moi et que vous n'avez pas encore vos photos annuelles de Noël, faites-moi signe, je serai là du 19 Déc au 6 Janvier. Allez visiter ma section "specials" pour plus de détails. Au plaisir de se voir bientôt! 

eating snow.jpg

Beautiful California...

Today it rained... It was cold, California cold, breezy, grey and rainy. And I loved it! All day I looked outside at the grey stormy sky and I...well, loved it! We don't get that kind of weather much and when we do, I'm thankful. Because life is about to sprout in every little corner and we hadn't even noticed it had dissipated somewhat, The colors around here will be glorious soon :-)  And in the mean time, I'm planning on enjoying  the gorgeous sight of the rainy, stormy skies.

This photo was taken in Camp Pendleton, a few minutes north of our home. It's a treat to get to see wild southern coastal California in your backyard...

The Tree-Priska BättigPriska Bättig.jpg