Photography Workshop

Do you have a DLSR that you always leave in on the "auto" setting? Would you like your photos to stand out ? Or these landscapes look as vibrant and grandiose as you remember them? Come spend 3 hours with me and you're on your way! I will teach you the fundamental of photography as well as how to use that nice camera of yours! We'll cover composition that pleases the eye, picking the right exposure for the effect you want, using the beauty of available light and much more. This will be my first class so to celebrate, I offer it for free for my friends -you will be my guinea-pigs after all ;) - ! Hurry up, I will keep my class size small so you all get my attention :) It will be held Dec 1st at from 1:00 to 4:00. Contact me via facebook if you are interested!

Mosquitos having lunch

I was walking through a forest trail on my way to a remote little beach when I saw this frog hanging out in a puddle. He didn't move as I approached to snap this photo probably thinking his camouflage was fooling me. From the 2 mosquitos on his head, I wasn't the only one not being fooled!