Hello Erica!

Your pictures are ready! As you look at them, you'll see that a few of them come in multiple versions: normal, B&W and/or different color handling. If you like one of these special treatments and would like it on another photo, let me know and I will do it and show you the result. 

Now pricing... You are getting my Christmas special: the shoot is $200 which includes 6 digital file (jpeg) and I give you an 8x10 of one of these picks. If you'd like to order more, here's the breakdown:

-$25 per photo (digital format) 

-$100 for 6 digital files (which would be 12 total including the ones you get with the session price )

-$200 for the next 10 files (so including the session fee, that would be a total of 22 photos for $400)

-$250 for all of them (41 photos for $450!) and I'll throw in another 8x10 just for the heck of it!

To order, just give me the number on the top right. BTW, any photo you order, I will give you the web ready photo for free without the number or the grey frame (FB, e-mail...)!  Let me know if you have any questions! Hope you like them :-)

Merry Christmas to all of you!