Little Jaelene

This has been my test post for over a year! It has made it onto the last 3 versions (I know...) of my website at different times but it never worked to my satisfaction. So here it is again! I will soon post a new one of little Jaelene who is growing up!

This is the original text:

For a first, I thought it only appropriate to pick little Jaelene's first birthday photoshoot! I had the pleasure to spend the afternoon with Erica and her lovely family. Jaelene, her sweet little girl, had just turned one and grandma was visiting from out of town. The pictures were taken in beautiful Vista CA. Jaelene wore a traditional Korean dress that had the most amazing colors and fabrics, a treat for a "bright-color" fan like me :) Delightful little girl and family, beautiful setting, I just couldn't stop hitting that shutter-release and ended up with so many photos... Makes for a lot of editing but times flies when you're having fun, right?!