SO very sorry for this long delay. It took me much longer than I anticipated, but it's actually a good thing! I had a lot of fun choosing and editing Malia's photos. Although I have been a photographer for many years, I have done very little newborn photography so this was a great learning experience. When you do something for a long time, you tend to follow a pattern. Well I wanted to shatter mine -only for newborn photos- and start from scratch. It was quite fun to let ideas come to mind and then figure out how to transfer them to the screen! 

Malia is so very adorable! And curious ;-) Much more interesting and important for her to see what's going on rather than just sleeping, right?! I have one of those too... They are challenging but so much fun and wonderful! Enjoy every minute with her, even the ones you wish you could skip now. They grow up so fast; I'm pretty confident seeing these picture taken 1 month ago will just confirm that!

So here is what I got!